Supranational regimes and national education policies


Encountering challenge
Kallo, Johanna; Rinne, Risto
952-5401-23-5; 1458-1094
Finnish Educational Research Association / Suomen kasvatustieteellinen seura
Research in educational sciences / Kasvatusalan tutkimuksia (24)


  • Supranational - National Relations in Education Policy
  • Changing Political Agendas of Lifelong Learning
  • Global Trading in Education Services
  • Political Economy of Educational Funding
  • National Responses to External Policies
  • Education and Global Governance

Education has become a focal point of interest of supranational organisations that promulgate the concepts of human and social capital, lifelong learning, social cohesion, and economic well-being. These organisations have established their own kind of regimes - principles, norms, rules - through which they wield their influence at the national level.

Supranational Regimes and National Education Policies. Encountering Challenge brings together leading international and national scholars and policy makers to reflect on issues of global educational governance from an interdisciplinary perspective. The book presents fresh insights into how policies of nation states are increasingly influenced by supranational actors. The articles draw special attention to the politics of the OECD, the European Union, UNESCO and the WTO, and to their effects on national education policies.

Contributors: Roger Dale, Andy Green, Harto Hakovirta, Anja Jakobi, Markus Jäntti, Johanna Kallo, Reijo Laukkanen, Anita Lehikoinen, Sanna Niukko, George Papadopoulos, Risto Rinne, Susan Robertson, Hannu Simola, Kenneth Wain

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