Learning in the workplace


New developments
Gruber, Hans; Palonen, Tuire
978-952-5401-32-5; 1458-1094
Finnish Educational Research Association / Suomen kasvatustieteellinen seura
Research in educational sciences / Kasvatusalan tutkimuksia (32)

Workplace learning is a phenomenon related to many sciences. In this book, the orientation is focused on educational science but in a way which combines education with its related sciences, showing learning from a wide perspective in which it is not understood as a field separate from the work itself. In addition to theoretical concepts and constructs, the book shows the results of rich empirical studies. The target group of the book is an academic audience: teachers, students and researchers in the field of education, behavioural sciences and organisational sciences.

This book is the result of the co-operation taking place between two research groups coming from Germany and Finland. The eleven essays in this volume discuss the various elements of workplace learning, as well as some questions which are being discussed in Germany and Finland at the moment, such as ageing of the work force and temporariness in working relationships. The book reflects on the nature of work and on changes taking place in today's and tomorrow's work.

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