Conditions for intercultural learning and co-operation


Räsänen, Rauni; San, Johanna
952-5401-22-7; 1458-1094
Finnish Educational Research Association / Suomen kasvatustieteellinen seura
Research in educational sciences / Kasvatusalan tutkimuksia (23)

This publication participates in the increasing discussion about international co-operation, dialogue, and intercultural learning in the midst of global changes. It argues that, under certain conditions, intercultural co-operation could become a source for creativity and new forms of learning for individuals, communities, and societies.These conditions are introduced, analysed, and evaluated. Examples from various cultural contexts are provided, particularly drawing attention to the historically unequal relationships between the North and the South.

While working on the articles, the writers have been inspired by the ideas of global ethics and theories of critical intercultural education. They have had in mind readers in various positions: researchers, teachers, and students dealing with intercultural issues, as well as those among the general public who are interested in social sciences and international relations. The publication offers a hopeful alternative for developing intercultural education and international relations.



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